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My desk when I left my university office for the last time.

Varshesh Joshi — Unsplash

Image courtesy Flash Bros (Unsplash)

Horses in the sky

Outskirts of Chilas

We had begun to wander deeper into the heart of the Karakoram now with the wind catching up as we moved towards Gilgit. I had skipped out on a friend we picked up on the way, a guide from a tourism camp, we had taken him along before entering Chilas as we needed a local to let us through the checkpoints with ease.

This is me, with an ominous hand over my head. Back then I didn’t know the many meanings of sh** that I do today.

Where do I begin?

The Mall

Deserted, embarrassed, enraged and slightly thirsty but we can safely blame that to a unique combination of the embarrassment and anger. I was early, yet again, and that meant having to do the 4 letter rumble. Wait.


Weddings are a beautiful thing to witness. I imagine they should be equally interesting to experience for the bride and groom after all their lives and the lives of those attached to them are changing from that moment.

Babri Bhand

Just off the main entrance to Kohat, a rural cul-de-sac of sorts was our destination. Our transport had dropped us off in what seemed to be the middle of nowhere, an expression I understood quickly—perhaps just to calm myself—was mute as the middle of nowhere would be as far away from the nearest hint of civilisation and/or transit as possible, we were still on the road.

En Route Kohat

Packed together close enough your limbs go numb but the warmth of the person next to you reminds you that you haven’t severed anything yet. The horizon a beautiful orchestra of pink and purple reminds me of the kurta I got for the wedding I’m going to attend so many miles away amidst the shadows of these mountains. A stunning splendor this view of reds as the sun sets away under the curve of the earth landing softly leaving behind cotton candy skies, clouds taking the shape of the mountains or the mountains taking shape of clouds.

Somewhere away from Lahore

When travelling one gets the chance to meet and interact with people of different backgrounds and natures. You have the ones who leave you with fond memories, interesting discussions, others leave behind a sparkle in their eyes as they ask you the time in passing. …

Haider Ali Akmal

Design Futurist, Printmaker, nerd, and occasional writer interested in the interconnectivity between empathy, memory, and the digital world.

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